AutoStep™, developed from a prototype created by two pediatric physical therapists, is an exciting new device designed to assist therapists in the therapeutic treatment of gait with a variety of patients, from the high functioning patient who needs to work on the refinement of gait to the very low functioning patient who is unable to take independent steps.

AutoStep reduces the burden of facilitation of gait for both pediatric and adult patients using walkers over ground, or LiteGait® over ground or over treadmill, while providing a constant symmetric cue for the patient to achieve a more symmetrical gait pattern. Adjustable tension bands from the device attach to the patient's feet and, through movement of the walker or LiteGait over ground or the device itself on the treadmill, it is able to promote an increased step length as well as facilitating lower extremity advancement and foot clearance. It also can be used as a tool to improve dissociation of the lower extremities, and provide a dynamic/active stretch to the legs. Most importantly with the tension bands attached to the feet and facilitating foot clearance and advancement, it gives the therapist the freedom to facilitate increased weight shifting, hip extension, stability in stance, and much more, all while maintaining proper body mechanics.

  • Attaches to many walkers - including most Rifton® Pacers*
  • Works with most LiteGait models - on and off the treadmill
  • Multiple modules for different step lengths
  • Allows therapist increased freedom to facilitate proper gait
  • Accomodates patients with high or low tone with an adjustable tension band
  • Allows both hip and knee flexion for LE advancement
  • Allows therapist to maintain proper body mechanics
  • Promotes increased stride length
  • Promotes dissociation of the LE's
  • Promotes foot clearance during swing phase
  • Designed to assist and train symmetrical stepping
  • Focuses on an equal stride length bilaterally
  • Allows for dynamic stretching/ROM for legs

* Rifton Pacers are not manufactured by, but are available through Mobility Research.

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Step Length (in)121821

1 Approximate and subject to change without notice.

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