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Product Overviews

Mobility Research provides a broad selection of innovative products, education and rehabilitation solutions. Our products are clinically relevant, cost effective and designed to help you, the busy clinician, be more effective with your patients. LiteGait products meet the clinical gait therapy needs of patients of all ages in the clinic and in the home.

  • Released Feburary 2015
    • Combine dynamic motor control and cognitive training for an engaging, effective treatment
    • Fun sophisticated computer games extend therapy beyond clinic walls
    • Active and passive lower extremity ROM
    • Engaging games controlled through lower body movements

    • Adult Partial Weight Bearing devices
    • Encourages postural stability and biomechanically-correct posture

    • Pediatric Partial Weight Bearing devices
    • Provides postural support and biomechnically appropriate posture
    • Use overground or over a treadmill

    • Rehabilitation treadmills designed for both adults and children
    • True zero start speed - no need to straddle the belt
    • Features for both users and clinicians
    • Powerful, Steady Walking Surface

    • Supported walkers for people of all ages
    • Powered weight bearing reduction
    • Sit to Stand to Walk
    • Transfer from sitting to sitting

    • Broad range of accessories to enhance the use of all LiteGait systems
    • Options to meet the specific needs of your patients
    • Expand the use of all LiteGait products

    • Objective Gait and Balance Data
    • Low Cost, Relevant, Easy to Use
    • Blue Tooth Enabled
    • Treadmill and Overground Assessment

    • New Product releases bring the latest innovations to the clinic
    • New clinically relevant solutions
    • Our active R&D program provides a constant stream of enhancements

  • Up to 200 lb Canine
    • Assist animal in moving over ground or a slow treadmill
    • Assist handlers in lifting the animal into standing position
    • Leverage all the benefits of LiteGait for our four legged friends