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Adult LiteGait

Meet the needs of all your adult patients with our full range of LiteGait products. From our smallest adult LiteGait, the LiteGait 200P that supports patients up to 200lbs, to our largest, the LG500 that can lift a 500 lb patient into a full upright standing position, we have a LiteGait for your facility. With up to 40" of powered lift available, our LiteGait product line will meet your gait therapy needs for all your patients. Entry level adult LiteGaits start at less than $8,000*
*pricing only valid in Continental USA

  • 500 lb Max Patient Weight 6' 7" - 6'11" Patient Height over a treadmill 32" -36" of Powered Lift
    • Supportive partial weight bearing environment for the largest patients
    • Provides postural stability and Bio-mechanically correct posture
  • 400 lb Max Patient Weight 6' 5" - 6' 10" Patient Height over a treadmill 32" of Powered Lift
    • Supportive partial weight bearing environment for most adults
    • Provides postural stability and Bio-mechaically correct posture
    • Our most popular system
  • 300 lb Max Patient Weight 6' 9" Max Patient Height over treadmill 28" of Powered Lift
    LGI 300
    • Economical
    • Versatile partial weight bearing device
    • 28" of powered lift and variable support
    • Multiple packages available
  • 300 lb Max Patient Weight 6' 6" Max Patient Height over a treadmill 28" of Powered Lift, 19.5" Manual adjustment
    • Innovative design supports patient from pre-teen to adult
    • 28" powered lift, 19.5" manual adjustment
    • Our most flexible system
  • 300 lb Max Patient Weight 6' Max Patient Height over 6" treadmill 24.5" of Powered Lift
    • Cost effective solution for adults
    • Includes 1 Standard Adult iHarness
  • Up to 330 lb Patients Up to 6'6" Max Patient Height Up to 26" lift
    • Provides patients with expanded treatment opportunities
    • All the benefits of LiteGait at home
    • Multiple cost effective payment options
    • GKmini treadmill package option available
  • Up to 8" of lift
    • The LiteGait Stationary provides supportive reduced weight bearing over a treadmill, ideal for clinics with limited floor space or with an ambulatory outpatient patient population.