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Blog: Dual Tasking

Dual-tasking is the ability to do two things at the same time, but multi-tasking gets quite a lot of attention these days. While we are pulled in so many directions, is it better to concentrate on a single task at a time, or are we better off doing multiple things at once? Where does conflict arise between multiple tasks, and which task(s) suffer in the face of those conflicts? Are you better off with a standing or treadmill desk, or should you “just work” when you need to focus on a task?
Those questions are worth discussing for people with intact sensorimotor systems, but when someone has balance or movement difficulties, any added strain to the system can have a great impact. These individuals reach “conflict point” much earlier, and therefore need to train to do simple dual-task activities, such as scanning their environment and walking at the same time, just to maintain equilibrium.


The Therapy Mouse is designed for just this type of training! The Therapy Mouse is a wearable/mountable mouse that can be used with any device that accepts a USB dongle to attach a peripheral controller. Use it with a computer or tablet to interact with it in any application that can use a mouse for control. It’s particularly useful for training head control or dual-task performance (e.g. walking while maintaining gaze-fixation or head-turning).
Use the mounting headband to play our simple Android games designed specifically for this purpose, or use any commercially available video games that can use a mouse controller. Mount it on the wrist to work on reaching or increasing upper extremity range of motion. You determine the range of movement and direction of movement by setting up the task or changing the distance from the target. Work in a supported, gravity-eliminated fashion, or unsupported or even against resistance.