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LiteGait Clinician Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out our follow-up survey. For your time, we will send you a free gift and enter your name in our annual grand prize raffle. If you do not have any questions or do not want to participate in our prize drawings you can submit this form as a Guest.

We value your feedback and your information will not be sold or shared with any other organization.

What type of clinician are you?
What types of patients do you see?
What type of facility do you work in?
How long has your facility used LiteGait®, WalkAble™ or Mobility Device?
How often is your system used typically?
What are typical diagnosis you treat? Hold CNTRL to select multiple..
Would you like information about how to become a LiteGait Trainer?
Would you consider presenting a 15 minute Case Study as part of our webinar series?
Would you like clinical or technical assistance?
What would you like clinical support regarding? Hold CNTRL to select multiple.
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Would you like information about additional products?
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