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  • Integrated FreeDome with BiSym Scale

    FreeDome allows the patient to freely rotate in place while remaining securely supported by the LiteGait®; harness.

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March is Multiple Sclerosis Education Month

Our team is taking a closer look at how LiteGait with FreeDome Yoke can help people with MS.
"Who knows? Maybe the “treadmill dance” is the perfect way to train your patients to deal with novel walking tasks that they may face in the “real world” outside of therapy."

The LiteGait facilitates early mobilization without balance limitations. The fall-free environment of the LiteGait emboldens therapists working with people with MS to challenge their ability to move and balance while maintaining safety at all times. By partially off-loading the lower body, optimizing the biomechanics of gait, and by creating a fall-free situation, both peripheral fatigue and central fatigue are more easily avoided: energy is conserved, and the person can work longer without exceeding their limits.

Do you recognize that “not every step you take in a day is in the forward direction?” – stepping around obstacles and opening heavy doors require that people step to the side or back while maintaining balance. People with MS and related balance deficits struggle with direction changes and turns, and therapists struggle with training clients to perform these skills due to safety concerns. We may easily get in the person’s way while guarding them from falls while turning. The FreeDome Yoke is an accessory that allows your patients to turn while perfectly safe from falls in the LiteGait environment. This opens up possibilities: they can practice stepping to the side (lock it in side-facing position), turning and even taking steps backward! Head and upper torso rotation activities are helpful for those with vestibular compromise – adding visual scanning and gaze fixation tasks to your training session is easily accomplished with the FreeDome Yoke attachment. Work on trunk rotation activities or even “fancy footwork” like dance steps. Who knows? Maybe the “treadmill dance” is the perfect way to train your patients to deal with novel walking tasks that they may face in the “real world” outside of therapy.