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Tips for LiteGait

Videos below are made available to you as a user.

LiteGait - Crawl instead of walk

LiteGait - Mow the Lawn

To encourage eccentric control, have the client push forward on the LiteGait handlebars while walking over ground. While safely... more

LiteGait - Making gt easier

LiteGait - Easy Does It! Cue Longer Steps

For clients who take short steps or have a hard time achieving a trailing limb posture, you can give verbal and visual cues to promote... more

LiteGait -Trampoline

LiteGait - Keep the Hip Forward

Q-straps are versatile! Use a Q-strap connected to the opposite handlebar to promote limb advancement and prevent undesired trunk... more

LiteGait - Play ball

LiteGait - Q-pads for sit to stand

Clients who tend to fall backward or rely on the chair for support during sit to stand transfers need some extra assistance to get... more

LiteGait - Hand Grip Tip

LiteGait - Learning to Let Go

Rhythmic arm swing contributes to gait stability, and becomes increasingly important with faster walking speeds. Why let your patient... more

LiteGait - Don’t Trip

LiteGait - Poke the Ceiling

Using a cane or stick to poke at a laser dot on the ceiling is a great way to challenge the patient. Useful for trunk, upper or lower... more

LiteGait - Adjusting handlebars

LiteGait - Resistance Builds Eccentrics
When dealing with stability issues, we must hone in on eccentric control. One way is with lateral overhead reaching, challenging the client’s base of support limits. Add resistance to improve control... more

LiteGait - BiSym for Biofeedback

LiteGait - Humming Helps
Give an additional element of control by asking the client to hum during the descent. The breath control utilized during humming positively correlates with normal movement strategies. See the... more

LiteGait - FDY

LiteGait - Balancing Act
Guarding our clients during dynamic balance activities is an important task because it allows them the opportunity to be challenged outside of their current abilities. However, guarding is not the... more

LiteGait - No stiff knees, please

LiteGait - Make the exercise more precise

LiteGait - ankle control hemi pt