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Tips for LiteGait

Videos below are made available to you as a user.

LiteGait - While You Rest Have a Ball
What do you do when your client needs a break? Do you take them off the treadmill and back into their chair? Try this tip to save yourself some time and effort! Have them sit on a large ball –right... more

LiteGait -Record Limit Support BiSym

Crisscross straps
Does your client need some additional support in the back when using LiteGait? Try crisscrossing the posterior overhead straps to add that extra support. Works especially well for small children!

LiteGait - Got Leg Straps

LiteGait - Hands-off for stooped posture

Correcting stooped posture during gait is a challenge. LiteGait offers some hands-off solutions, allowing the therapist freedom to use... more

LiteGait -Give ‘Em a Squeeze

LiteGait - Modify your approach

LiteGait - Do the Hula!

When your client has trouble shifting weight onto their involved side, or from front to back, engage them in a circular or “hula”... more

LiteGait - ThinkAgain

LiteGait - Grapevine Challenge

Grapevine stepping is a common strategy we use to give our clients a dynamic gait and balance challenge. LiteGait allows the clinician... more

LiteGait -Extend your Options

LiteGait - Downward Cue Q Straps

Have you tried using Q-straps in creative ways? How about attaching them to the LiteGait base? Check out these tips for improving your... more

LiteGait - Crawl instead of walk

LiteGait - Mow the Lawn

To encourage eccentric control, have the client push forward on the LiteGait handlebars while walking over ground. While safely... more

LiteGait - Making gt easier

LiteGait - Easy Does It! Cue Longer Steps

For clients who take short steps or have a hard time achieving a trailing limb posture, you can give verbal and visual cues to promote... more

LiteGait -Trampoline

LiteGait - Keep the Hip Forward

Q-straps are versatile! Use a Q-strap connected to the opposite handlebar to promote limb advancement and prevent undesired trunk... more

LiteGait - Play ball

LiteGait - Q-pads for sit to stand

Clients who tend to fall backward or rely on the chair for support during sit to stand transfers need some extra assistance to get... more

LiteGait - Hand Grip Tip