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Education Showcase
  • Online Refreshers

    Want to get the most out of your device to best benefit your clients?
    Our Online Refresher options are the perfect solution. 

  • ELP Extended Learning Packages

    Our goal for 2020 is 100% utilization. Our dedicated clinical support team is ready and willing to assist you with all of your...

  • Integrated FreeDome with BiSym Scale

    FreeDome allows the patient to freely rotate in place while remaining securely supported by the LiteGait®; harness.

Clinical Classes

Upcoming Webinars:

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Presenter(s): Debra Widmer-Reyes

TAAP Part II (Treadmill for students with Autism and Apraxia Protocol) In the process of development, as it integrates through years of organized education...

Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

What to watch for, and what myths abound Focusing on the challenges involved with 50+ year old patients can be daunting for some therapists because of the multiple systems that can be involved....

Presenter(s): Debra Widmer-Reyes

TAAP (Treadmill for students with Autism and Apraxia Protocol)

Presenter(s): Jonathan R. Wolpaw

At the end of the session, the participants should be able to:
1. Describe the recent recognition of the spinal cord's capacity for activity-dependent plasticity.
2. Explain the important scientific...

Presenter(s): Kay Wing

Physical therapists frequently hear our patients  voice that “being able to walk again” is what they hope that physical therapy intervention will help them to achieve.  While much of physical therapy intervention focuses on improving this...

Fran Guardo
Presenter(s): Fran Guardo

This course will present a variety of pediatric orthopedic congenital and developmental delay. Common and advanced surgical and therapeutic treatment options will be discussed. Limb lengthening techniques using external fixation and the internal...

Presenter(s): Keith Khoo

No matter where you practice you are likely to encounter patients with symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Their symptoms may be from a known cause like a sinus infection or whiplash from a motor vehicular accident or can be part of a more...

Presenter(s): J.J. Mowder-Tinney

People with neurological injuries require challenging activities with many repetitions to promote functional improvement. As the amount of time allowed to be spent with each patient continues to decrease it is critical to find new and functional...

Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course will be an exploration of the biomechanics underlying compensatory efforts in the swing phase of gait. We will investigate the various strategies and mechanisms for increasing efficiency that are available based on current research...

Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

The normal gait pattern is remarkably efficient, harnessing momentum and ground reaction forces to minimize the energy cost of walking. Following neurological injury, various movement impairments impede the ability to implement this pattern,...

Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

Beth Fischer, PhD, PT
Presenter(s): Beth Fischer

The brain’s capacity for recovery from damage is far greater than previously recognized. It is now understood that neuroplasticity can be facilitated through experience including environmental enrichment, exercise, forced-use, and complex skills...

Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course will be an extension of the Geriatric Orthopedics series of webinars, part III of III*. The presentation will focus on clients that have chronic pain: back, knee, or ankle. We will not be addressing spinal stenosis (as it was covered...

Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course will be an extension of the Geriatric Orthopedics series of webinars, part II of III. The presentation will focus on clients that have chronic pain: back, knee, or ankle. We will not be addressing spinal stenosis (as it was covered on...

Presenter(s): Keith Khoo

Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course is intended to present the recent evidence in geriatric orthopedics and to assist clinicians in a direct application of these principles. Part I of a III part series will include the diagnostic groups: spinal stenosis, TKR, THR....

Presenter(s): Nisha Pagan, Stella DeBode

We will describe cross sectional and longitudinal data of a group of chronic patients 6-15 years after surgery, clinical presentations and treatment options grounded in the underlying neuroanatomy together with specific challenges of this...

Presenter(s): Geoff Mosley

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the learner with modern definitions and identifying features of contraversive pushing, as well as instill an understanding of the principles of treatment for this disorder. 


Presenter(s): Annie Burke-Doe

This webinar will discuss medications used to treat pain and inflammation in the rehabilitation setting. Dr. Burke-Doe will present aspects of pain leading to functional disability, basic pain pathways and drug families used to treat peripheral...


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