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Presenter(s): Roberta O'Shea

This session will review of intensive transdisciplinary motor learning training using the pedagogy of transdisciplinary Conductive Education (TCE). The CE philosophy looks at motor impairments from a learning perspective. TCE incorporates motor...

Presenter(s): Brady Whetten

As the percentage of elderly individuals continues to increase, there will be increasing demands placed on the health care system. Older adults are at high risk for a variety of conditions and functional limitations. Peripheral neuropathy is a...

Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

Through the use of case studies, literature, and clinical experience we will discuss the role of Physical Therapy in adults with cerebral palsy. The presentation will include common problems and limitations experienced by individuals with CP...

Presenter(s): Kay Wing

The development of a research based, academically supported, successful outpatient neuro clinic that implements evidence based practice. Clinical therapists are encouraged to practice in an evidence based manner. This requires the daunting task...

Presenter(s): Mike Studer

Why is my patient dizzy with any movement? How do I tell if this is BPPV? What is the evidence for helping someone improve balance? The answers are in this webinar intended for the practitioner that is ready to take their practice to the next...

Manjiri D. Dahdul
Presenter(s): Manjiri D. Dahdul

Starting a Private Practice can be both exciting and terrifying. There are a multitude of steps that must be addressed prior to officially opening the doors. Many physical therapy programs emphasize the "science behind PT" leaving Physical...

Presenter(s): Keith Khoo

Expanding on a fun & informative look into treatment options available to clinicians and their patients.

Presenter(s): Keith Khoo

A fun & informative look into treatment options available to clinicians and their patients. This introductory course is designed to enable physical and occupational therapists to devise systemic applications of ultrasound, electrical...

Presenter(s): Gabriele Moriello

An in-depth look into running therapy protocols using an intense exercise program and body weight supported treadmill training.  There are currently 5.3 million Americans living with disability due to a traumatic brain injury. Many of these...


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