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Webinar Recordings for Case Reports

Megan Flores
Case Report 2019-04
Presenter(s): Megan Flores

Improved trunk control following bodyweight supported gait training in children with cerebral palsy

Margaret Hannon
Case Report 2019-02
Presenter(s): Margaret Hannon

LiteGait Training to Improve Gait Parameters for Patient with Advanced Spinal Stenosis
A 62 year old man with lumbar spinal stenosis and cervical myelopathy receives student-...

Case Report 2018-06
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Use of saliency-driven interventions to return to sport in people with Parkinson's
Presentation highlighting importance of saliency of interventions in two different cases of...

Case Report 2018-05
Presenter(s): Lindsay Conn

Variable Step Training in a Stroke Survivor
Case reporting a high intensity variable stepping training with error augmentation with use of LiteGait on a treadmill in a patient...

Case Report 2017-12
Presenter(s): Cassie Vano

Bariatric patient with BKA progresses from parallel bars to functional gait
Cassie Vano, RPT presents the process of her apprehensive bariatric patient with BKA transitioning...

Case Report 2017-10
Presenter(s): Geoff Mosley

Sensory Ataxia - A three-case synopsis
Synopsis of treatment of 3 patients with various presentations of sensory ataxia, including one patient with central cord injury, one with posterior cord syndrome, and one with post-stroke hemihypesthesia.  We will define sensory ataxia,...

Case Report-2017-09.2
Presenter(s): Lindsay Conn

Un-frozen: Multi-directional training in Parkinson's disease
Freezing of gait is a common complaint of people with Parkinson’s disease.  In this Case Report Lindsay Conn, PT will describe use of multi-directional training to address freezing of gait in a patient with Parkinson’s...

Case Report 2017-09
Presenter(s): Amad Shayan

It's Never Too Late - Quality of Life Improved 9 Years after TBI
Case review of 39 year old female with decade-old traumatic brain injury. Impact of 3x/wk x 6 weeks intensive, systematic training of 2 hours per session with emphasis on weight bearing and self-reliance in daily...

Case Report 2017-08
Presenter(s): Leah Lowe

Body Weight Support Treadmill Training In A Child With CP and Visual Impairment

Case Report 2017-07
Presenter(s): Mary Pengelley

Treadmill Training and ASD Take-Home Points for Therapists and Families

Case Report 2017-06
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Treadmill Training with a Twist: Challenging neuro patients in all directions

Case Report 2017-05
Presenter(s): Gavin Tonkin

A Glimpse Towards the Future of SCI Rehabilitation: Gait Training with Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation
A brief look into epidural spinal cord stimulation and its role as the potential future of SCI rehabilitation. We will discuss a gait training session for an individual with the...

Case Report 2017-04
Presenter(s): Jamie Nesbit

Use of GaitSens to Provide Spatiotemporal Feedback in an Individual with Neuropathy 
This case will discuss use of BWSTT with spatiotemporal feedback via Gait Sens as a useful intervention in skilled PT to improve balance and mobility in an individual with neuropathy. This webinar...

Case Reports 2017-03
Presenter(s): Nicole M. Warner

From KAFO to NO FO: forced use at its finest

CEU Info

Case Reports 2017-02
Presenter(s): Lynette Olwig

How to enhance the mobility of a patient who presents with AKA and co-morbidities.

Case Report 2017 01
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Geriatric Rehab - What is Possible 20 Years Post Stroke
Tackling therapy for a new patient that is a 20+ years stroke survivor. Can one expect any neurological changes? Here is what happened to "Sue"...



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